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Cascade Marine Service, LLC
2925 West Marine View Drive 
Everett, WA 98201

Phone: 1-425-303-0200
Fax: 1-425-303-0800

What's New

We have added another piece to the puzzle.  Our new staff member has vast knowledge in the marine industry and brings aboard some well needed sterndrive expertise. 



Have you seen the big hole next to our building?  It looks like we are building a large test tank, but in reality it is a hotel going in.  During the construction, we are allowing the contractor to use our lot for their slop in the digging.  This gives them easier access to dig and keeps our customer's boat away from the construction site.  All our customer's boats are currently stored inside our main building or the secured building behind us.  After they are done using our lot, they will fence and pave the area.  



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Welcome to Cascade Marine Service, LLC.

We are a full service shop, from basic tune-ups to trailer repairs to outboard rebuilds. At Cascade Marine Service, LLC the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations!  We can pretty much work on anything that you bring in on the trailer.  We also have contacts for custom aluminum work, fiberglass repairs, detail work and bottom paint.  Give us a try if you are unhappy with your current repair shop.  Believe me, we have heard some interesting stories on how customers have been treated at other shops!


Time to Winterize

Don't forget to winterize!  Winterizing is very important on both outboards and inboards.  With outboards, the main reason to winterize is to get the roller bearings coated so they don't rust.  Rusted roller bearings do not roll, so they skid across the bearing surface.  This friction causes engine failure.  On Inboards and I/O's, the critical factor is block freezing.  Frozen blocks lead to cracked blocks which leads to very expensive engine replacements.  Throw in the crappy fuels we buy today and you can have a costly repair bill at the beginning of the season next year.  The saying "pay a little now or alot later" comes to mind.


Make an appointment now and beat the rush before we have freezing temps in the forecast!

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